Stop #3: Cozy Inn, 108 N 7th St

Cozy Inn – You Can’t Eat Just One

Onions, tears and an open grill create an unmistakable burger … and smell. Since Bob Kinkel opened Cozy Inn in 1922 on North Seventh Street, people have been lining up to enjoy these tiny hamburgers known as “Sliders.” The secret flavor of Cozy burgers comes from the mixture of lean steer meat mixed with onions, ground fresh daily and special seasoning from the original grill.

Despite an unsavory experiment with a new grill, traditions remain strong at this 100-year-old eatery. Today Cozy enthusiasts walk up to a window to pick up a sack of sliders. Voted Salina’s favorite hamburger in a Salina Journal survey, Cozy burgers’ reputation also draws people from across the country due to travel books, brochures and web sites. The Cozy Inn’s simple no-nonsense approach delivers great taste and a memorable experience that lasts.

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